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About GSS Energy

Established in 1979, GSS Energy is an established precision engineering group with 9 manufacturing facilities across Singapore, Indonesia and China. The Group also has a free profit carry for its stake at the Trembul Operation oil field in Indonesia. In 2021, the Group successfully launched its first electric motorcycle under the historic Iso Brand, in partnership with Ferruccio Lamborghini (The Lamborghini Family)

FY2022 Results Announcement
Est 28 Feb 2023
FY2020 Annual Report

Recent Developments

Investment Merits

  • Precision Engineering to underpin stable profit base
  • Focus on ODM products to further drive sales and margin expansion for Precision Engineering
  • Potential risk free upside from O&G business from 2H2022
  • Significant upside potential from Electric Motorcycle Development

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Stock Information

Price Market Cap (SGD m) YE
0.036 22.12m 31/12/2022

Key Financial Highlights

Key Highlights 2020 2021 2022
Revenue (SGD m) 106.4 117.3 129.7
Net Profit (SGD m) 5.2 5.0 14.9
Adjusted Net Profit 5.0 5.0 2.3
Net D/E 10.2% 4.2% 6.4%


Economic downturn

Loss of major customers for precision engineering

Inability to get distributors for electric motorcycles

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