Your 2021 Finance Outlook as told by your Zodiac Sign

Your 2021 Finance Outlook as told by your Zodiac Sign

11 Feb 2021

Chinese New Year is a time for family, celebration, eating – and reading one too many Zodiac predictions in shopping malls.  

Whether you believe it or not, it’s still fun to get some insights of the future.

So we’ve put together our own 2021 Zodiac financial outlook, as adapted from  

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt – basic financial sense should still apply. 


This year is a prosperous year! Although they rarely do so, Rat might take a few risks this year that could lead to profits from unexpected places.

The Rat needs to be careful in their social network this year as their actions might be misunderstood, leading to enemies or stressful situations that could diminish their achievements.


2021 is an auspicious year for the Ox. Their patience and consistent hard work has paid off, and they can expect to be rewarded with the fruits of their labour. 

They may also get public recognition for their achievements this year. Nice.


Although you will have new projects on hand, you’ll also be challenged with a lack of ideas and inspiration on your next steps.

June to November is an opportune time to use your skills to recover any financial losses from the previous year. From May to October, you will be forced to review your long-term financial plans.


The Rabbit will be ambitious in 2021, taking on more roles in the spotlight! Though you might face some career problems because of your perfectionist nature, the eventual balance for 2021 will be positive.

Take note of your capabilities and just focus on doing your best.


Career prospects are looking up for the Dragon! They will be able to make full use of their analytical skills to complete their projects in 2021 – and the next 12 months seem to be smooth sailing with your intelligence and skills. Sounds good. 

Business will be flourishing as well. But do take note of your budgeting and accounting.   


March to June are lucky months for the Snakes! This is a time where money flows in whenever you’re in need.

This year is not the best time to change jobs. You’ll need to work extra hard if you are looking to enter a new field in 2021.


The year will kick off with an abundance of success and achievements. Continue working hard and don’t let the successes go to waste.

You’ll receive many perks at work, and business travel could be on the cards too – well, let us know if that happens cos we can’t wait for travel restrictions to be lifted too.


In 2021, the Goats seem a little disorganized, and business isn’t doing it’s best. Instead, you should focus on using your artistic skills as you will do well in those jobs.

You might face some challenges at the end of the year, and possibly some financial losses as well. But that seems to be mitigated with your lucky stars shining in your Zodiac sign. Phew.


Great news! This is a year with plenty of opportunities – and you’ll get your time to show your skills, dreams, passion and abilities!

Career is smooth sailing in 2021. You are protected by the Sun, and that spells much financial success. Nice.


With some sacrifices, the Rooster will be able to overcome their limitations and achieve what they want.

Though you might be thinking of a career change, it’s important to put others first in 2021 before you make any big decisions. You’ll be rewarded for that.


Make sure that you plan your projects and finances carefully in 2021. There is a risk of losing money and falling into debt.

Remember not to spend excessively or indulge in gambling or speculations this year. 


It’s a favourable year for the Pigs. Expect to see some positive developments from the start of 2021.  

This is a year of progress. The Pigs should put their two qualities to good use – entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for making money.

All the best everyone for 2021. Have a great Chinese New Year!

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