Thursday Tips and Tricks: Simple Life Tips & Tricks

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Simple Life Tips & Tricks

10 Feb 2022

Simple Life Tips & Tricks 

Here are some simple life Tips and Tricks you can use to change or improve your day to day life.

1. Trick Yourself Into Being on Time - Layne Brookshire

Plan important events a few minutes earlier than the actual time. To keep being punctual, you need to practice using this method till it becomes a habit.
For example, if you meet someone at 2 pm, plan to leave the house 10 - 15 minutes earlier. With the extra time you have given yourself, you have 10-15 minutes of leeway for any inconvenience that may occur on your way.

Like traffic, missing the train or forgetting something etc.

2. Take a 60- Second Breaking Break Before Making a Decision -Rebecca Cafiero 

Giving yourself 60- seconds breathing break when making a decision allow your brain to focus and relax. Breathing has been proven to be a method to help you calm down, which are practised in other areas like Yoga and meditation.
A lifestyle expert and TEDx speaker Rebecca Cafiero once said, "focusing on your breathing for 60 seconds will help you ground yourself and allow you to visualise calming memory to relax your mind."
By giving yourself an extra 60 seconds, you can assist you in making the correct decision, rather than making a huge mess for you to deal with later.

3. Narrow Every Decision Down to Three Option- Scott Crabtree

Scott Crabtree, a consultant who teaches the science of happiness in the workplace, once said, "If you choose from 100 options, you would feel overwhelmed, and there are 99 things you don't get when you pick one. If you choose from three options, you can easily compare and feel happier with the choice you make."

The idea behind his method is to remove the element of stress to improve and optimise your decision-making process, which will better help you make the right and happy decision.

4. Instead of Thinking About What You Don't Have Time For, Consider What You Do Have Time For - Sonia Satra

This is a mental trick that you can use to involve your doubts to an advantage. We often think negatively, like " I can't do this now" or " I don't have time for this."
Here is the trick you can use:
Whenever you have negative thoughts like those, ask yourself, " what can I do?" or "what do I have time for?". It could be a 10- minute workout or a simple 30-minute task. Take advantage of all the small chunks of time you have available to fit those "stuff" instead of scrolling on social media. By using this trick to complete unfinished/ putaway tasks, you will be amazed at how much you can actually accomplish.

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