Thursday Tips and Tricks: Simple Life Hacks

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Simple Life Hacks

24 Mar 2022

Simple Living Hack 

Living in a fast-living society is important to know how to take a break and give yourself some time. Here is a list of ways of simply living we have curated for you.

1. Try Simple Eating 

I think the one place where a lot of people experience stress and chaos is in the kitchen. Meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, it can all feel like a heavy burden.

If this is something you struggle with then one of the top simple living tips is to try simple eating. It’s a minimalist approach to food that has helped drastically reduce the amount of time, money, and stress that usually comes with meals and grocery shopping.

2. Slow Down to Do Something you love 

When was the last time you slowed down long enough to do something that makes you happy? Perhaps it’s picking up a book, or spending an hour on a hobby, or even taking a walk down your favourite path. 

3. Know What You Value 

Living in such a busy world, we forget when to take a break and think. Many people rush through life doing what society tells them.
It's crucial to stop and think about what you value.
Do you know what truly matters to you in life? It's important because you can create a life that favours the essential things when you know what you value and what you don't.
It allows you to simplify by saying "no" to the things that don't hold much value and create more space for the things that do.

4. Plan Downtime 

We’ve all had moments when we’re busy and forget to stop and take a breather. Then, when we finally get a little downtime, we have no idea how to spend it.

Here are two ways to help add some simplicity to your life. First, always make plans for your downtime and second, plan what you are going to do during that time.

It adds a new level of intentionality and freedom to your life, and it also saves you from sitting around trying to figure out what to do when you could be enjoying yourself doing something you love!

5. Declutter Your Home 

There are so many ways “less is more”. Become a reality. An example would be having less “stuff” in your house, which means less to clean, find a place for, walk around, and ultimately means more free time, space, and relaxation.

To take the first step of decluttering your home/ workspace, find what you need and want. Start by reducing your clutter and work your way to removing or getting rid of stuff.

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