Thursday Tips & Tricks: Self-care During the Pandemic

Thursday Tips & Tricks: Self-care During the Pandemic

27 Jan 2022

Self-care During the Pandemic 

Since the pandemic, many people have been stuck at home or lost opportunities. Remember no matter when or where you are, self-care is very crucial to our physical and mental health. 

Here are ways for you to practice self-care during this pandemic. 

1. Prioritise Sleep and Rest 

Sleeping and getting rest is essential part of your self-care. With the distraction of technology, we may be tempted to stay up a few minutes to watch a show, check social media or play on our phones. However, getting sufficient rest and sleep is critical for restoring our mind and body and recharging our energy for the next day.

2. Stay Active 

Staying Active is vital to self-care even if you don’t have the time/ energy for your usual workout. Getting in 5 to 15 minutes of physical activity such as walking to the kitchen or doing five jumpings jacks can improve your sleep quality and help ease stress.

3. Learn Something New

Have you wanted to get into something new? During this pandemic, learning something new to better yourself can be a form of self-care. Learning a new skill such as drawing, baking, cooking, or learning a new language can help you better make use of the time you have. With the internet, learning has been a lot easier than before. With a click of the button, your option to learn new things are boundless.

4. Eat Right 

It may sound easy, but getting sufficient nutrition gives us the energy we need to get through the days. Eating right is essential in aiding us to think clearly and quickly and getting better sleep at night. If regular meals are complex, try to keep a stash of healthy, protein-packed snacks on hand at all times and try not to skip meals.

5. Reach Out for Help 

During the pandemic, it is good to reach out to people for and to support them.

Reaching out to others to tell them how you are doing or asking how they are doing can help you ease your own stress. If the situation gets tough, consider a professional counsellor to be your listening ear.

6. Find Healthy Ways to Ease Stress 

Everything you read to this point is a form of self-care. 

Eating healthy, staying active, and getting enough rest are all forms of self-care that help us mitigate adverse effects on our bodies. 

One healthy way to ease stress would be 

  1. Thinking positive 

Practising positive things can help you relieve stress and have a better outlook on life. Simple actions like smiling or naming one thing to be grateful for will have a positive effect on your body. 

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