Win. Lose. Blame

Win. Lose. Blame

06 May 2021

“We live in a culture of blame. People will blame anyone or anything for their misery sooner than take the responsibility to own it and make it better.” Dr. Henry Cloud; Dr. John Townsend, It’s Not My Fault.

We have met many many investors around the world. There are those who are responsible and there are those who blame anyone and anything.

This is apparent yet often ignored: You are the only person responsible for your investments. You have a mind of your own.

In life, as an investor or not, we must be responsible for our own decision and doings. Even if someone gave you a piece advice or sent some marketing materials - this should just be a reference. If you decide to go ahead and invest, be responsible for your own Losses and Wins.

The Bak Kwa Theory

We put on weight after eating that Bak Kwa (Asian Pork Jerky); we blame it on Bak Kwa’s marketing for that enticing advertisement. The fact is you gave in to temptation!

We have heard many complaints for why and how some investors lost money.

Some of these excuses include:

  • “That someone told me it’s a good stock!”
  • “The management is a liar”
  • “The sell-side analyst suckz”
  • “The Investor relations marketed the stock”
  • “The blog said it’s excellent stock idea"

And the list goes on.

You lost money- wrong pick, wrong analysis on your own.

If you invest without analyzing or when your original thesis turns out to be wrong — then you are solely responsible!

Be Responsible and Stop the Blame Game

Excuses and blames reflect how lazy and irresponsible we are. We must do all the heavy lifting that’s called homework. If it were capital guaranteed, then everyone would be a wealthy investor. Sorry, life is not all roses!

You won’t believe that Disney founder was fired by his newspaper editor for apparently “not having good ideas or any imagination?” That’s right, his newspaper editor didn’t even believe he can be a good writer. And Disney took the feedback and worked on it. Improvised and Innovate.

Walt Disney Co. is currently valued billions of dollars.

Stop Whining

Whining about bad luck/ bad advises reflects badly on you. I met an investor many years ago. We marketed a Singapore listed entertainment stock to him and he made tons. Unfortunate events happened to the company and the stock tanked due to unforeseen circumstances. He blames everything except for himself about it.

When good times, you enjoyed the harvest. Bad times, you blame everyone and everything except yourself.

A man can lose money, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

Be a responsible investor, make sure to do your research thoroughly and make a risk-informed decision on which stocks to buy!

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