When we talk about the top healthcare PR agencies, we consider spreading awareness about a brand or business. Furthermore, these agencies help your brand to get the best attention. Meanwhile, they also add backlinks or references to your brand website or portal. It is more than advertising and media; these agencies are here to promote the brand. Your business or brand gets the needed attention via websites, magazines, TV programs, newspaper publications, and more.

What does the healthcare public relations agency do?

The first and foremost function of the public relations healthcare agency is to provide education and information. Such information can relate to upcoming diseases, monitoring of medical conditions, healthcare laws, products, and much more. Furthermore, such information should be clear and correct as it will directly affect the patients. Secondly, information should not contain difficult words that are not understandable to the common people. It can be fatal for the patients if the information is not shared correctly.

As we talked about what the healthcare PR agencies do, we took note of their services.

  • PR healthcare agencies offer branding strategies for the companies
  • From media relations to media training, every aspect is covered to educate with correct information
  • Case studies, whitepapers, and press releases about the products are distributed
  • Healthcare PR services also include preparation for unforeseen events, damage control, and prevention
  • Services include SEO, social media branding, and online reputation management.

Top 10 healthcare PR agencies in 2022:

In this section, we take a look at the top 10 healthcare public relations agencies in 2022. They have been offering the best services and are famous for what they aim for.

Gem Comm:

Gem Comm

If you want to build your brand reputation, Gem Comm is the one name that is one of the top healthcare PR agencies. This agency offers services that include strategy development, brand management, media relations, crisis management, internal communications, and thought leadership. Gem Comm’s in-depth industry knowledge is top-notch, which has given it the best, most trusted, and most renowned PR agency in Singapore.

The agency knows what the client requirements are, and based on that, it provides innovative strategies, campaigns, creative networking with a positive influence.



One of the largest and top healthcare PR firms focusing on digital practice and marketing services. Richard Edelman’s agency has also won the best Digital PR consultancy award and a Global PR Agency of the year 2019. The agency has earned trust in the market by engaging the audience at the right time. It offers in-depth counseling for different markets and cultures. The agency has remained successful in its KFC campaigns focusing on charity efforts, with a donation to the KFC youth foundation.

Ruder Finn:

ruder finn corporation

It is a creative agency with independent global communications. The agency has helped different brands by redefining their leadership strategies, communication strategies, rethinking marketplace and customer experience, etc. Furthermore, the agency’s data-driven approach and expertise revolve around health & wellness, technology, customer connections, and innovation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruder Finn provided AI-driven solutions, analytics, and digital storytelling for audiences.

Zeno Group:


A healthcare communications agency with an independent and global focus. You can see the brightest talent in Zeno Group pushing boundaries for strategic communications worldwide. This agency is committed to achieving real business values for the brands.



From building awareness and credibility to achieving business goals, the ICR agency has remained committed to executing its strategies. The healthcare public relations firm’s service model brings knowledge to the deep sectors. It links with the senior professionals for communications and veterans from capital markets. ICR is one of North America’s best and top-rated independent communications agencies.



One of the best healthcare PR agencies with a global presence, with their headquarters in Philadelphia, USA. It focuses on providing digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, lead generation, online reputation management (ORM), consultation services, and much more.

Communications Strategy Group (CSG):

Communications Strategy Group (CSG)

CSG is a Colorado based healthcare public relations agency. It provides content marketing services, branding strategies with corporate communication, web design services, social media marketing, and more. Furthermore, the CSG agency considers health & wellness, professional services, information about financial challenges, and much more. With the help of public relations strategy, CSG agency ensures to find the target audience, connecting potential customers with the brands.

JPA Health Communications:


When it comes to JPA health agency, it is a bouquet of integrated services such as public health, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, engagement with stakeholders, social media, media relations, branding & digital communications, meetings, and planning, and much more. JPA works closely with the health sector to assist people in leading a healthier life.



One of the top healthcare PR firms offering media and communications platforms focusing on health & wellness. This agency is people-centric and assists with healthcare complexities. Evoke’s primary mission is to engage human connection with the brands and customers. Furthermore, Evoke provides various services, including branding, campaign management, marketing technology, media, aviation, and more.

Real Chemistry:


It aims at making the world a better and healthier place by providing innovative ideas. Furthermore, Real Chemistry considers the challenges of modern healthcare and how the world has faced them. This agency has offices all over Europe and the United States of America. The agency’s health experts provide corporate solutions focusing on the patients. In addition, they build chemistry among the patients with the best healthcare experts.

We hope the list of these agencies will help you in your upcoming business campaigns. Explore these options and see which of these agencies best fit your needs.