• One of two successful applicants to provide managed healthcare solutions to major healthcare institutions for a period of two years
  • Alliance Healthcare to deliver outpatient medical and/or dental clinic services to an estimate of more than 80,000 individuals comprising employees of healthcare institutions and their dependants

Alliance Healthcare Group Limited (SGX: MIJ), is pleased to announce that the Group is one of two successful applicants which has been awarded a contract by way of public tender to provide managed healthcare solutions to 38 companies (the “Entities”). The Group has signed a master services agreement with ALPS Pte. Ltd. (the “Agent”), which is acting for and on behalf of each of the Entities, to provide managed healthcare solutions for the employees of the Entities and their dependants. The Entities include major healthcare institutions, such as Changi General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore General Hospital and National Health Group Polyclinics.

Executive Chairman and CEO of Alliance Healthcare, Dr Barry Thng Lip Mong (唐立茂) commented, “We are honoured that Alliance Healthcare is one of only two successful applicants to be awarded the contract to provide managed healthcare solutions to the major healthcare institutions. This is a testament to our position as one of the leading managed healthcare service providers in Singapore, as we continue to strive to assist corporates manage the challenge of rising healthcare costs.”

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