4 Ways to Communicate Effectively 

Communication is a skill that allows us to interact and convey our thoughts, feelings and ideas with another person. 

Here are 4 ways you can improve your communication skills to become an effective communicator.

1. Be an engaged listener:

Effective communication involves active listening. Many might think that improving communication skills is primarily about improving the way we speak or present; being an active listener is also crucial.

It puts us in a better position when we focus and present and understand what has been communicated. Listening allows us to be more fruitful in discussing and coveying points we want to get across.
Some points to note:

    • Asking questions to clarify your doubts
    • Refrain for judging
    • Pay close attention to the person you are speaking to and be fully present at all times.

2. Pay attention to nonverbal signals:

Beyond the spoken words, several things influence in-person communication. From style preferences to vocal inflexion, sway understanding, so taking a glimpse at other non-verbal signals helps refine your capability to reach people.

3. Recognise the three “v”s  in spoken communication:

  • Verbal – Most people focus only on the verbal element, assuming that it’s the entire message, in actual it was only part of the message being conveyed.

  • Vocal – watch out for the Projection, resonance and intonation of the speaker.

  • Visual: Take notes of movement, expression and body language. Your visual image can convey conscious and unconscious messages. Body language can influence positively improving your speech or significantly lowering it.

4. Speak with Candor:

Being direct, open and honest will help establish trust with the people we communicate with. When tackling complicated situations and managing potential pitfalls while working on a team assignment or handling an issue with friends, you deal with it head-on instead of dodging around the issue. It allows you to meet goals and targets successfully and efficiently.


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