Save Time, Save Money: Post-Pandemic

Save Time, Save Money: Post-Pandemic

25 Jan 2022

How to Save Money Post-Pandemic 

During the pandemic, many of us had altered our lifestyle, our spending and our saving habit. 

Here are ways you can save money post-pandemic 

1. Refrain from Returning to Bad Habits 

During the pandemic, many of us had started awful spending habits such as getting excessive amounts of groceries, ordering take out and buying unnecessary stuff online. To ensure that we are saving, the habits we developed during the pandemic need to alter and transformed for the better.

To do so, we need to start by creating new spending habits. such as tracking our groceries purchases, limiting online orders and changing to a cheaper dining alternative

2. Click-and-Buy Less

As mentioned in point (1), due to the bad spending habits we developed during the pandemic, many of us have a habit of buying unnecessary stuff online. Temptation can be a killer when it comes to saving up, so we can put more thought into the buying process. 

  1. Reconsider the need for the item 
  2. save it in the cart and come back again later 
  3. look for a cheap alternative 
  4. set an online purchasing budget

3. Spend on bettering Yourself 

Instead of spending on possessions, you may not need, we can spend it on enrichment classes that help personal growth and better oneself. 

  1. Pick up a new hobby or skills
  2. Take enrichment classes 

4. Balance Fitness Spending 

During the pandemic, many were unable to go to the gym or the pool, so they purchased a home gym or even built swimming pools. If you did this, you need to remember to drop your gym or pool membership. It may take several years of cutting back to pay off significant expenses.

5. Save for Emergencies 

Many overlook the little things in life especially when it comes to saving money. We often forget to save for our well-being and focus on the wants and needs in life.

It's important we save for emergencies, make sure to have at least saved up 6 months worth of income before loosening up spending habits. 


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