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About Sheffield Green

Sheffield Green Ltd. is a human resource services provider for the renewable energy industry headquartered in Singapore, with subsidiaries incorporated in Singapore and Japan and a branch office registered in Taiwan. The Group provides human resource services for EPCI works in the renewable energy industry, which includes onshore wind, offshore wind, solar and green hydrogen.
Most of the Group’s business consists of projects from the offshore wind sector, and the Group specialises in providing human resource services along the entire renewable energy value chain.

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Recent Developments

Investment Merits

  • Strong Global Trends for Renewable Energy Market
  • Comprehensive Range of Services Across the Renewable Energy Value Chain
  • Market Exposure & Opportunities
  • Established Track Record & Market Reputation
  • Experienced Team with a Strong Track Record

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    Stock Information

    Price Market Cap (SGDm)
    0.220 40.976

    Key Financial Highlights

    Key Highlights FY2023 FY2022 Y-o-Y change
    Revenue 27,610.7 7,769.8 255.4%
    Gross profit/ (loss) 7,735.7 1,231.3 528.3%
    Gross profit/ (loss) margin (%) 28.0% 15.8%
    Net profit/(loss) 3,465.5 (151.9) 2,382.0
    Net operating cash flows 2,066.7 (561.5) 4,680.7

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