Communication and trust are essentials, if you want to build relationships and be successful in life.

Realising after the fact that you were lied to, and after each occurrence, you will beat yourself up for trusting the wrong person, which resulted in poor decisions.

Ethical persuaders do not lie, conceal facts or distort the truth in order to get what they want. They will explicitly communicate the facts and truth. A deceitful person will distort the truth and conceal facts such as asking for a higher salary increment from your existing employer in order to get a higher salary from a potential employer or manipulate your financial statements- equal deceit.

Ethical persuaders let you know when and why you choose them than others and why are they charging you a certain price. A trusted ethical persuader will tell you in advance in they can fulfil an agreement or if it’s legal to proceed certain expectations from clients.

Case Study:

Mr Li wants a cheap consultation service and expects the vendor to commit to increase their share price by a certain percentage. An Ethical and trusted consultant deals with this:

“Mr Li, our price is slightly higher than our competitors- the reason is we hire outstanding employees to create quality content and branding. Another reason is we guarantee to be there for you when there is a crisis. Unlike some competitors, they will charge you an exorbitant amount (the hidden plus plus) at the end of the invoice. We do not commit to increase share price, which equates to stock market manipulation. However, we guarantee higher exposure of your company in compliance of the corporate governance. You have my word.”

The reason you engage professional services of people like lawyers, doctors and Investor relations is because they have more expertise than you do. They have better in the specific field than you do and have the right network to achieve the objective. Saves your time, effort and build a stronger fundamental.

No matter how much expertise someone may have, if you do not trust them, you’re not likely to follow their advice.


Be truthful in all your dealings; Make sure your words and deeds match.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”- Stephen Covey


We are an International Investor Relations firm (IR) based in Singapore. We specialise in Investor Relations, Public Relations, marketing, branding and messaging strategies for clients that include organisations of all sizes across Asia, Oceania and US.

GEM COMM advice and solves stakeholders’ issues, drive growth, reposition your business, improve your marketing and Public Relations (PR) or engage with investment community in your leadership or strategy story. We have a track record of helping clients reach these goals. We create and implement PR & media content, mitigate crisis and issues, establish and improve thought leadership & content marketing.

GEM COMM Engagement types include:
– IR/PR retainer program
– Crisis and issues projects;
– Content marketing (from research to lead generation) inclusive of Press Release drafting, Media Pitch, Website content, etc.

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