A variety of activities come under PR (Public Relations). Companies use PR professionals for the promotion of their brand image. Only a reputed agency plays a top public relations role. Having an effective PR managing department in your company can help you to monitor your customer’s reputations. PR promotes your business still it is quite different from marketing. This article will brief you about all the important aspects of public relations.

What is a PR firm?

A place where PR experts sit and manage the reputation of their client’s valuable audience is called a PR firm. If you don’t have a positive brand image then you will fail to achieve desired business goals. The main task of PR firms is trust builds up between your company and its customers. The PR firms specialists use organic methods to spread brand awareness among the audience. Before you start with any PR service you must know what is a PR firm?

What is PR Firm?
Blogs/ writing editorials, events, social media, and other traditional methods are used by public relations firms. Experts of such firms are skilled in building a positive brand image by following some steps and making strategies. They first do proper study and analysis on your company, its competitors, and customers. After that, they create a roadmap and go accordingly to spread positivity at a broad level.

What services does a PR firm offer?

By utilizing research-based methodology and strategies, many reputed PR firms are doing a vital job for businesses. Below are a few services that a PR firm offers:

1) Media relations:

This is the best platform to keep your stakeholders and customers engaged with your company stories. As a businessman, you have many things to do. Also, it is not always possible to have good contacts in media. Your PR firm helps you in building and utilizing media relations very well. For that, the experts spend their quality time and find out the right people to express your business story. Under the supervision of the PR team media relation, experts place press releases, radio appearances, and more. People from media relations make your business stories newsworthy and allow you to take advantage.

What is Media relations

2)  Strategy development:

Many people still don’t know that what a PR firm does for brands. As a businessman, you know that different people have different opinions about a product or service. But the social media have the power to attract a maximum percentage of the audience. But it is not that easy for everyone. Only experienced people from PR can develop a reliable strategy. They plan and execute as per your brand requirements. Timely coordination with respective departments, building media relations, and planning events give weight to your brand.

3) Content marketing:

PR firms work for various types of companies. So, the level of their knowledge is very high. They know the best utilization of content marketing services. They choose this cost-effective way to boost your brand image. PR firm services are popular for using unpaid, organic content marketing services. By selecting the best fitment to your brand image, they create engaging content. By understanding the criteria of your audience, they categorize the type of content. It can be fun-based as well as informative. Also, it can be a combination of both. PR experts also make sure that maximum people read and share the content to increase the chances of popularity.

4) Event coordinating and experiential marketing:

This is human nature that they prefer the brand that they experience once. Agents from the public relations team are masters of all the tricks to attract a maximum audience in a short duration and less investment. To make people more familiar with your product they organize experiential events. This is the most entertaining way to engage people and promote your brand. They coordinate with various important channels to ensure the success of their organized campaigns.

5) Releases Spokesperson Training:

A person who directly interacts with media to explain your company stories needs to be excellent. PR firms offer a world-class spokesperson training program. They train the person about the brand and public interaction skills. These days spokesperson promotional activities are in trend and easily attract audiences.

6) Thought Leadership:

If you are looking for increased credibility then thought leadership by PR firms can help a lot. Company public relations work with different tactics to create and share thoughtful business ideas. They create provoking content that can work for different types of businesses. It helps you to improve your leadership command over your business.

7) Social Media Management:

PR firms are highly adept at using various social media platforms perfectly. They do extensive research and find potential social media channels. By planning online events and sourcing resources, they polish your brand reputation. Even public relations works very well in providing training to your company staff to handle social media in the favor of your brand image.

social media Management


8) Reputation Management:

Negative reviews and poor-quality contents are some reasons which can affect your brand reputation so badly. Sometimes when your website goes response less for a longer duration than also you lose trust and popularity among your audiences. PR firms are always there to handle such situations. They effectively work on negative reviews and improve the positivity all around. Their solid reputation management strategies work as an asset to your brand.

What do Exactly PR Firms do?

PR companies promote brands through editorial coverage with the support of social media, newspapers, TV, and magazines. These PR services are completely opposite to advertising agencies. Let us see what PR firms do for the promotion of individuals or brands.

a) Research target market and personas:

PR firm has experts who are skilled with tried-and-true methods to target market and persona. Their effective and intelligent marketing strategy helps in creating an audience persona. So, if you have the question that what does PR do? then read the entire content thoroughly. People love to interact with a brand that talks with its audience. Targeting at the wrong place will waste your time and money. PR experts find out the right market and right audience and do focused targeting. Public relations firms create a strong audience persona by using user research-based information.

b) Create targeted press lists:

Public relations work in below mentioned 5 important steps for press lists:
1. Defining the target audience
2. Finding media outlets and journalists
3. Preparing a list format
4. Adding contact information
5. Updating media list regularly

c) Create compelling pitches:

The public relations team does deep research on the journalists. They read their articles thoroughly. Also, they include a personal twist and context to create compelling pitches. The PR team creates short personalized messages that explain why it needs to get published. A boring subject line never works. Only experts know how to create catchy and engaging pitches, that is the reason why we need company public relations firms.

d) Conduct outreach:

PR outreach is also known as media outreach. Following steps are performed by the team to conduct outreach:

1) PR outreach plan preparation:

According to the client’s business size, type and other aspects experts prepare a plan for outreach.

2) Meeting with journalists:

The PR team makes efforts and spends time reaching out to the media experts. After finding the best one they introduce the business to that journalist.

3) Use of tools:

For a successful outreach, they follow a few steps and use outreach tools. BuzzSumo and Klear are a few tools to support outreach. These tools are so user-friendly and help to get influencers. Stagewise many other tools are used by the PR firms to conduct outreach.

4) Experiments:

After they are done with making an outreach plan, they start doing PR experiments with different content and channels. One thing that they avoid is mass pitching. As a beginner, we can make mistakes as we don’t know the value of research. Public relations experts define only relevant information based on the deep study results.

5) Timely action:

Timely pitch is again a matter to look seriously. Delays will affect your overall outreach plan.

6) Structure:

Once all the above steps are done, the public relations role gives a proper structure to their pitch.

7) Patience:

The last but not the least thing is to be patient. As we all know that relation-building takes time. But stepwise outreach conduction gives the best results under a short waiting time. In short, it works everything that a PR firm should do for you?

e) Coordinate and handle trade show opportunities:

Trade shows are very popular for decades. Such shows bring opportunities for business and help in building worldwide relations. The area of promotion depends on the type and size of your business, the platforms you choose, and your budget. PR firms can handle trade show responsibilities effectively by following below mentioned steps:
1. PR team sets goals of the trade show
2. They book the most suitable venue
3. Choosing perfect timings for a trade show to gather a maximum valuable audience is their next step.
4. PR team invites relevant media for promotion and telecast of the trade show.
5. Also they offer refreshments during the trade show to hold the audience till the trade show ends.
6. Experts make people know about your trade show with the help of social media.
7. Thumbs up! All is set for the public relations trade show

f) Handle all aspects of influencer relations:

Today public relations role independently works as influencers. All that happens due to their expertise and skilled performances. According to PR agencies, great content is the key point of building relations. If your content is appealing then only your audience will read about your business story. Also, the strong exposure is the strength of PR agencies that make them superior in public relations. They are also known for their quick and proactive response.


You must have got the answer to how does PR works. It performs as full-service agency for businesses. These firms take the responsibility to spread desired awareness and create a positive brand image. Without the support of these experts, it is quite impossible for you to reach your success goals. For your business, PR firm services are like an in-house CMO. PR experts bring a wide platform where your brand grows every minute. So, utilize their expertise, execution, and strategies to elevate the value of your business.

Investor relations firms are an integral part of how a particular public company works. They essentially collect, prepare, and report the necessary data by communicating extensively with the CEOs, lawyers, and accounts team. An investor relations firm should not only have great communication skills but should also be knowledgeable about the legal and financial terms and conditions of a company. Hence, the need for a competent investor relations firm is crucial. Again, finding the suitable one is quite difficult due to the huge list of options available. Since different companies operate differently and look into selected matters, you need to choose the company very carefully and consider all your requirements.

To help you go past this dilemma, we have listed the top 20 investor relations companies in 2021 along with their core operating features. You can choose from this list according to your requirements.

1) Gem Comm:

Gem Comm

Counted amongst the top international investor relations agencies, Gem Comm controls its operations from Singapore. They particularly specialize in investor relations, public relations, branding, marketing, and other crucial strategy building for clients across Asia, the US, and Oceania. Gem Comm understands how important communication is for businesses to grow and retain their relationships with clients, customers, stakeholders, investors, etc. Gem Comm with a strategic and proactive approach to communication helps them seize opportunities The firm also specializes in solving stakeholder issues and advice directly to boost the growth and development of their client company. The company has a 100% track record in helping clients achieve their goals. To accomplish this, they create and implement PR & media content, improve thought leadership & content marketing, and mitigate crisis and issues.

2) Berkeley Communications:

Berkeley Communications

Berkeley Communications are one of the best international investor relations companies that have their headquarters based in the United Kingdom and several offices throughout Europe. They operate with clients across Asia, North, and Latin America. They help companies drive through the market and boost sales as a primary aim. Berkeley Communications also operates as a public relations firm when required. They perform extensive research and analysis of the market and competitor companies to help their client achieve new heights. They mainly deal in industries including IT, telecommunications, and e-commerce.

3) KCSA Strategic Communications:


KCSA Strategic Communications acts both as an investor relations firm as well as a public relations firm and operates directly from the United States. They develop market-class strategic plans; help to increase market visibility, boost sales and communication for their clients. They also undertake social media management for their customers and devise strategies for maximum reach through social media platforms.

4) ICR:


ICR mainly is an advertising company based across various states of the United States including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston. It is one of the oldest operating companies established in 1998. They work for their clients in a manner where they design their client’s websites in compliance with the terms and conditions listed for publicly held companies. They build a web platform for their clients and promote it. Side-by-side, they perform analytics and data management for their client companies and helps them meet their sales targets. They help companies that belong to the real estate, financial services, and energy sectors.



Another United States-based company, Pinkston Group is a notable advertising and public relations company founded in 2001. They mainly deal in public relations but also have expanded into providing digital strategy services and broadcasting services. Though a company of few heads, they are specialized in handling complex clients and have achieved worthy success since its inception. They help their customers with extensive reach through media and also help in communications within the market. They prefer to work directly with the CEOs and hence they can provide high-class and furnished results. They help non-profit organizations along with companies in the IT, telecommunication, medical, financial, and business services sectors.

6) BlueChip Communication:

Blue chip Communication

BlueChip Communication is a marketing and public relations agency based in Sydney, Australia. They specialize in solving complex marketing issues faced by their clients. They deal with both small firms and large companies. They are also known for providing excellent content-creating solutions. They mainly work with companies that are part of the real estate, legal, and financial services sectors. They also provide extensive digital marketing services according to the needs of the client. They like to work with data where they analyze market possibilities, provide insights, and accordingly suggest solutions.

7) REQ:


REQ is a digital marketing and management solutions company based across several places in the United States including Washington DC, New York, Virginia, Boston, San Diego, and Las Vegas. They are pioneers in using marketing insights to bring brand awareness, reputation, and business results for their clients. They use modern technology and analytics to deal with companies in the IT, energy and resources, medical, retail, consumer goods, hospitality, and real estate industries. They serve internationally and have achieved various accolades. They build extensive digital marketing strategies for their clients and help them boost sales and increase their overall brand reach.

8) Elevate Communication:


Elevate Communication is a public relations and communications company founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. They also deal in creative and strategic development services for companies across various industries including financial, medical, telecommunications, real estate, retail, and many more sectors. Elevate Communication excel in creating powerful social media marketing strategies to keep their clients highlighted on the social platform, building strong brand recognition for them. They also provide web development services whereby they optimize the client’s website for maximum reach.

9) June Communications:

June Communication

June Communications, established in 2015 is a communications and marketing firm based in Bucharest, Romania. They deal in various services including public relations strategies, marketing solutions, digital strategies alongside content marketing services. They usually do not deal with large companies due to their employee capacity but have helped several small and medium companies gain success over the years. They use powerful strategies to help their clients communicate and build sales. They also provide solutions that help their clients leave a mark on the market. They mainly deal with companies that are in the consumer services, IT, medical, financial services, and business services sectors.

10) Red Fan Communications:

Red Fan Communication

Red Fan Communications is a popular company dealing in public relations, branding, digital marketing strategy and consultancy. It was established in 2008 and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the United States ever since. Due to their employee capacity, they mainly focus on small and medium-scale companies and provide them with world-class marketing solutions. They deal with companies that are a part of the medical, education, IT, financial services, energy, legal and business services industries. They also assist in creating media content to keep their client on top for constant brand recognition.

11) OTC PR Group:


The OTC PR Group is a public relations consultant helping small capital companies to interact with the shareholder base. They are completely based in Florida, United States. They use the newest technology to communicate with and propagate the potential financial condition alongside the corporate vision of their clients to investors and stakeholders for the development of business and promote the same to the media for brand recognition. They also deal with digital marketing and portfolio management and devise a certain set of targets for the right investment.

12) BDC Consulting:

BDC Consultancy

BDC Consulting is a small company that was founded in 2011 and operates from Minsk, Belarus. They mainly deal in marketing services and consultancy and work with medium-scale companies. Apart from their core services, they also provide SEO services, public relations and marketing strategy development. They focus on companies within the financial services and e-commerce industry. Alongside providing SEO solutions, they also manage content creation and social media management services for various companies. They use insights and extensive metrics to glide through the market and increase their client’s brand awareness.

13) NEFF:


NEFF is a multi-operational company operating from Philadelphia, United States. They deal in operations like public relations, branding, social media management, website designing and optimization, web development, media strategy services, advertising solutions, photography, and videography. They operate across various sectors including education, real estate, sports, financial services, and more. They use special technologies, integrated strategies, and personalized marketing solutions to build and facilitate relationships between your brand and target audience.

14) Trizcom PR:


Trizcom PR is one of the best public relations and investor relations consulting firms based in Dallas, United States. Established in 2008, they are a team of very few employees, known for their best outputs. Apart from core public relations, they deal in social media marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing services, and digital strategy services for major companies. They have helped several big and small companies with their website optimization and elevating their social media presence and general media presence. Their broad spectrum of services extends across various industries like education, real estate, and financial services.

15) Bebop Asia:

bebop asia

Bebop Asia is one of the leading public relations firms in Asia based in Singapore and was established in 2010. It constitutes a small team of professionals that deal in content development for SEO, link earning, on-site development activities, mobile optimization services, media management alongside public relations services. They aim to help their clients get recognition throughout the Asian market and help them with enhanced brand exposure.

16) Swyft:


Swyft is a multinational marketing and public relations agency that was founded in 2010 and is based in the United States across Austin, Denver, and Houston and in Antwerp, Belgium. They deal in core public relations services, content marketing, and web designing services. Through their content development campaigns for their clients, they help brands gain maximum social exposure and high website visits. They mainly target companies in the real estate, financial service, marketing and sales, and legal sectors.

17) Oggadoon PR and Digital Marketing:

Oggadoon PR and Digital Marketing

As the name suggests, Oggadoon is a public relations and digital marketing assistant firm that was formed in 2012 with its headquarters at Bristol and another branch in London, United Kingdom. They are known for their high-end digital marketing services and assist in content marketing and social media marketing. The firm mainly deals with small and medium-scale companies, managing their media exposure alongside building communication within the market. Their expertise is within the business sector, energy, real estate, IT, telecommunication, media and medical industries.

18) PRLab:


PRLab is a public relations company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has been operating since 2018. Besides their core public relations services, they also serve small and medium-scale companies with avant-garde content marketing solutions. Their target industry mainly lies in business and financial services, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, and IT. They arrange for outreach campaigns, handle content research and generation, and promote brands through social media marketing.

19) ZCorp PR and Digital:

ZCorp PR and Digital

ZCorp PR and Digital is a public relations and digital marketing services company with its presence in Melbourne, Australia and Florida, United States. They serve a lot of departments including SEO development, pay-per-click solutions for client websites, digital strategy making among others. Apart from that, they provide automation solutions too.

20) Tribe China:

Tribe China

Tribe China is a core Public Relations Company headquartered in Shanghai, China. Apart from its core public relations services, the company also deals in solutions related to social media marketing and content marketing. Their digital content marketing strategies have helped a lot of brands with the desired promotion and limelight. They mainly deal with companies in the IT, energy, consumer products, and retail sectors. They also serve certain domestic non-profit organizations, helping them to engage with the masses while creating overall brand exposure for them.

It’s time to identify your requirements and collaborate with the most suitable firm from the above list.

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    About GEM COMM

    We are an International Investor Relations firm (IR) based in Singapore. We specialise in Investor Relations, Public Relations, marketing, branding and messaging strategies for clients that include organisations of all sizes across Asia, Oceania and US.

    GEM COMM advice and solves stakeholders’ issues, drive growth, reposition your business, improve your marketing and Public Relations (PR) or engage with investment community in your leadership or strategy story. We have a track record of helping clients reach these goals. We create and implement PR & media content, mitigate crisis and issues, establish and improve thought leadership & content marketing.

    GEM COMM Engagement types include:

    • IR/PR retainer program
    • Crisis and issues projects;
    • Content marketing (from research to lead generation) inclusive of Press Release drafting, Media Pitch, Website content, etc.