Pantang things to do to HUAT this CNY

Pantang things to do to HUAT this CNY

11 Feb 2021

The talk about money cannot be missed in every Chinese New Year.

If you’ve had enough of 2020, and you’re looking to make 2021 the best it could get for you, here are some pantang things to increase your luck during Chinese New Year.

Don’t sweep or take out garbage

All your spring cleaning should be done before the first day of CNY. It’s believed that if you sweep the floors, it is akin to sweeping your wealth away. Taking the trash out would mean throwing your fortune away from the house. So just endure some messiness on the first day of CNY.

Don’t wash hair

Hair in Chinese has a similar pronunciation as ‘gaining wealth’. So it’s believed that you shouldn’t be washing your wealth away at the start of New Year.

Avoid needlework

Using knives, scissors, or needles is seen as bad luck, because any accidents arising from that could lead to a loss in wealth. Use this as your excuse to order food in over CNY.

Avoid borrowing money

And make sure your debts are fully paid before CNY. Otherwise you risk being unlucky throughout the year.

Make sure you have a full rice jar

Rice has a huge significance in Chinese culture. If the rice jar isn’t full, it’s signifies that you don’t have enough food during CNY, and that’s a bad omen.

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